Club Rules and Directions for Membership Application

Associate Membership–$200.00
As an associate member of BWB you are entitled to full access to the range and all club functions. All members are required to put in 10 work hours per year.  Associate members are reimbursed for the hours at $10.00 per hour.  All members are subject to Beehive-Wasatch Bowhunters By-Laws and Club rules.

Club Rules

  1. Any minor caught using a controlled substance, drinking beer or alcoholic beverage on the premises will be expelled from the club.
  2. Anyone making a controlled substance, beer or alcohol beverage available to minors will be dealt with at the discretion of the board of directors.
  3. Each Associate and Lifetime Membership will be required to put in ten (10) work hours per year. The Board of Directors strongly request five (5) of those work hours be completed and turned in by June 15th to cleanup the courses after winter and to prepare the ranges for summer shooting. All work hours are required to be completed and turned in by August 31st.
  4. Work hours performed as required by the By-Laws can be counted only if reported in WRITING, DATED AND SIGNED. And given to the member in charge of work hour book, within ten (10) days of their completion.
  5. Work hours will be non-transferable except with the approval of the Directors at a Board of Directors meeting.
  6. The Executive Committee and members on the Board of Directors will not be exempt from work hour obligations.
  7. All memberships will be required to pay an annual minimum range fee of Twenty dollars ($20.00). Each membership will be issued Twenty (20) raffle tickets prior to the Treasure Mountain shoot. Monies received shall be applied towards a member’s range fee. No membership will be exempt from the annual range fee.
  8. Target assignments on the outdoor range must be able to pass the inspection of the Range captain by June 1st. Member assigned to a target that does not meet the Captain’s approval on that date may be penalized( at the discretion of the Board of Directors).
  9. It is the responsibility of members to keep the club secretary informed of their current address.
  10. Any club member found guilty of abusing property or key rights, including duplicating or loaning club keys without the Board of Directors approval, will be subject to suspension.
  11. When new keys are issued because of lock changes, members will be required to turn in their old key or pay a Five Dollar ($5.00) key deposit before being issued a new key.
  12. SHOOTING PRIVILEGES: Members bringing a guest are limited to the following:
    1. No cost for first time shooting
    2. $5.00 for each additional time shooting per guest.
    3. Guests must be accompanied at all times on the course by a club member.
    4. A club member may bring up to two (2) shooting guests per shoot.
  13. PATIO PRIVILEGES: Each member will be allowed 8 adult guests for a patio function. Anytime that a membership would like to bring more than 8 adult guests for the use of the patio it will considered a private function and arrangements must be made with the Club Treasurer for patio rental. when bringing guests, members should not monopolize frills, tables, etc. Leave room for other members to use the facilities. PLEASE GATHER YOUR GARBAGE AND TRASH AFTER PICNICS. and take it home with you, as there is no garbage pickup at the range.
  14. Rental of the patio area for private functions will be available Wednesday evenings only prior to the Archery bow season for a fee of Thirty Five dollars ($35.00) and Saturday evenings for a fee of Sixty Five dollars ($65.00). Arrangements for rental must be made in advance with the BWB Treasurer.
  15. Any member convicted of a game violation must pay a sum equal to one half of the fine to Beehive- Wasatch Bowhunters Inc.
  16. Any member awarded money form the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Board for information, which led to the arrest, and conviction of game violators will be awarded one half of the reward, up to fifty dollars ($50.00) maximum, by Beehive-Wasatch Bowhunters. Inc.
  17. No one under 14 years of age will be allowed on the course without an adult club member.
  18. No hunting with 300 ft. of patio area. Hunting must comply with Salt Lake County hunting laws.
  19. No killing of any small is permitted on the outdoor club property( including the patio area) except for control purposes as determined by the Board of Directors.
  20. Any member littering the outdoor club property including the patio area and the indoor clubroom will be subject to suspension by the Board of Directors.
  21. All motorized vehicles including motorcycles and ATV’s are restricted to the graded road and parking area. The only time they will permitted on the courses or in the patio area is during a scheduled work project doing work related functions. The Corporation shall enforce all State Laws pertaining to the use of off highway vehicles.
  22. During a scheduled club event all courses not being used in the scheduled event will be closed.
  23. Non-member motor homes, trailers, campers, tents, etc., will not be allowed for overnight camping. Non member overnight camping will not be allowed unless approved by vote of the Board of Directors.
  24. Trailer parking is on a first come, first serve basis for parking location. Trailer parking fee must be paid with ten (10) days of parking. Trailers must self-contained and never dump fresh, gray or black water in Parley’s Canyon. Weekend trailer parking is available west of the running deer pull station, and the meadow below the normal area is always free. Ten (10) days or less parking is free. Members parking trailers at the range are responsible for keeping area clean and must clean up after pulling trailers out. This is not a storage lot; members are expected to use their trailers when parking at the range.
  25. ALL CLUB TRAVELING TROPHIES are property of the corporation and may be awarded and retired at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  26. You are in a watershed area while on the outdoor range, NO DOGS, HORSES, OR PETS ARE ALLOWED. The Corporation shall enforce any City, County, or State laws pertaining to the outdoor club facilities, Your personal cooperating in this matter will be greatly appreciated.
  27. A Code of Conduct will be posted on the bulletin board at the Parley’s Canyon Range. All members and guests are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct.

I have read and will comply with all club rules.

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